App in 1 hour at the U of W

October 22nd, 2013

On a cold and windy day in Winnipeg, a group of high-school students made their way downtown – boarding a yellow school bus to the University of Winnipeg. The new media students from grades 11 and 12 arrived from Sisler High School. They are a group of elite students because of their interest in digital storytelling through the use of videos, graphics and interactive game development.  In fact, their program is called Digital Voices and has been recognized by corporations across Canada and into the United States.

Applaud Teachers and Technology

Speaking about the Digital Voices program out of Sisler High School in Winnipeg, President of Ogoki Learning Systems Inc. Darrick Glen Baxter said, “It becomes immediately apparent this Digital Voices is an amazing initiative and is obviously the brainchild of forward thinking students and staff. It is truly fascinating because in our global education system is known for habitually teaching archaic subjects utilizing antiquated curriculum in sub-standard facilities”.  We are fortunate to work within an education system that allows for this type of flexibility that allows for technology to be taught in our education systems.

ONE Hour to Create an App

Darrick had 1 hour to work with the students and immediately went to work.  The plan was to create an iPhone App in 60 minutes.  With time being so precious – Darrick had to reduce his usual 5 minute introduction and background story to only 30 seconds. He said his name, and commenced to zip through 8 slides – all talking about why people would create Apps.  One of his slides consisted of a comparison of Winnipeg and Toronto and spoke to the available technology jobs in both cities.


Darrick Baxter talking about how Apps are “Logically” thought out by the user.


Each student had access to a Laptop and USB Stick – The 30 plus students were given tasks to work on and broken up into 4 groups.  Their work was then handed into Darrick for review and inclusion into the App.

“The students did surprisingly well with their individual tasks and collaborated to produce a quality product”, said Darrick.  “I was hoping to have more time to work with each student but as it turned out – 1 hour was not enough to complete an app even with full cooperation from teachers and students.  We did however go through a boat load of coding and gave the students a taste of what to expect (when working as an app developer)”

Planning the next session for 3 hours

The next session with students will be planned for a full 3 hours with hopes to release an app to Android or iTunes within that timeframe – students permitting!

Check out Darricks app on iTunes or Android simply search Ogoki or Ojibway on either store!  App his companies apps are free and easy to install.