Language Apps – Helping to Save Our Culture and Language

We make language apps!

Our first app – “Ojibway People and Language”, was very successful with thousands of downloads.

Helping Save Native Languages in Canada and the United States

The Ojibway project was so successful that we’ve released the source code online and have helped tribes in Canada and the United States create their own language apps. We would like to help you and your First Nation or Tribe work to save your language.

Engaging the Youth with iPads(r) and iPods(r)

Everyone can agree that the future of the North American Native languages hinge on the youth. Ogoki Learning Systems has found a tool to teach the traditional languages to the youth on a device that they use every day. Todays electronics are the keys to sustaining our languages. Its a wonderful learning tool that engages youth and can help preserve the traditional languages.

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Interactive iPad Story Books

Interactive eBook by the MICEC ebook iPad app project for the MICEC in Winnipeg, Manitoba

The interactive story book is an engaging and immersive learning tool that can be designed for the Apple and Android Tablets and smartphones. This unique form of media uses high definition pictures and audio to convey your message or lessons. The interactive media is a perfect tool for educators and learners alike.

Creating an Interactive Storybook is Easy!

Converting existing storybooks to interactive storybooks available on Android tablets and iPads are easily done! These new books can include audio material, games, special notes, interactive updates and other promotional features.

Thousands of New Customers!

You can now reach thousands of new customers and promote your storybooks online using social media and traditional web sites. iTunes and the Android app store make it easy for new authors and content creators to setup shop and begin selling products quickly without the ability to accept credit cards.

Contact us for a free quote

Send us an email or contact us using the contact form on the side of this page! We would love to talk apps with you and outline some possibilities for your next interactive project.

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First Mile Project – Ojibway Language App Story

Native Language First Nation App success story.

Usually reserved for First Nations connectivity and extensive infrasturcture projects, the First project website was extreamly excited to learn about our open source language project. They felt that our company played a signifigant role in preserving our traditional ancestrial Ojibway language.  The First Mile project team even wrote an in depth story on our Ojibway language app.

“Ogoki Learning Systems not only a great success story and example of traditional First Nation values, its more than that. It’s a point of significant pride among our First Nations people.” – Darrick Baxter, President, Ogoki Learning Systems Inc.

The First Mile project has included our story among other huge success stories including infrastucture builds, national projects, community projects and other important technology innovations.  The Ojibway language opensource project holds an important place in in the First Nations media industry. The opensource iPhone app code helps other communities build their own language app.

To download our app source code and create your own language app, be sure to check out the source code section on our website.

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Wawatay News Story on Ojibway App

Wawatay News and Media Site

The Ojibway App is making waves in news with the recent article in the Wawatay News Paper. A recent article written by Rick Garrick talks about how and why the Ojibway App was created.

“Its really a great story – It talks about how and why the Ojibway People and Language App was created. I made the App to teach my older daughter her Ojibway language. I never expected to release publicly.”  – Darrick Glen Baxter.



Kenora Newspaper Interview

ojibway story in kenora, ontario, iPhone App

Ogoki Learning Systems Inc. would like to give a shout out to the Kenora Daily Miner News for their great story on why and how we created the Ojibway People and Language iPhone App.  They really tell a great story and thanks again for showcasing our app in your wonderful newspaper.

Read the full article:

Drop us a line if you would like more information on our iPhone App and upcoming projects.