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The Ojibway App is making waves in news with the recent article in the Wawatay News Paper. A recent article written by Rick Garrick talks about how and why the Ojibway App was created.

“Its really a great story – It talks about how and why the Ojibway People and Language App was created. I made the App to teach my older daughter her Ojibway language. I never expected to release publicly.”  – Darrick Glen Baxter.




Kenora Newspaper Interview

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Ogoki Learning Systems Inc. would like to give a shout out to the Kenora Daily Miner News for their great story on why and how we created the Ojibway People and Language iPhone App.  They really tell a great story and thanks again for showcasing our app in your wonderful newspaper.

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We made the Ethnos Project ORG website!

Ogoki Learning Systems Inc. Ojibway App has made the Ethnos Project website for the advocacy of social projects to affect social change!

“Our small company out of Sandy Bay First Nation in Manitoba has affected social change and is helping save our Ojibway language. We have put a pin on the map. We are affecting social change internationally!” – Darrick Glen Baxter

The Ethnos Project is an advocacy blog and information resource focused on the ways that information and communications technologies (ICTs) are being used around the world to

  • affect social change,
  • sustain and stimulate the rapidly disappearing traditions and languages of Indigenous peoples, and
  • improve the quality of life of people on their own cultural terms.

This site is for scholars, activists, government agencies, non-governmental cultural organizations, Indigenous groups, and others interested in the use of ICTs for Indigenous knowledge management (IKM), development (ICT4D), social change, and other mindful solutions.

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