We made the Ethnos Project ORG website!

Ogoki Learning Systems Inc. Ojibway App has made the Ethnos Project website for the advocacy of social projects to affect social change!

“Our small company out of Sandy Bay First Nation in Manitoba has affected social change and is helping save our Ojibway language. We have put a pin on the map. We are affecting social change internationally!” – Darrick Glen Baxter

The Ethnos Project is an advocacy blog and information resource focused on the ways that information and communications technologies (ICTs) are being used around the world to

  • affect social change,
  • sustain and stimulate the rapidly disappearing traditions and languages of Indigenous peoples, and
  • improve the quality of life of people on their own cultural terms.

This site is for scholars, activists, government agencies, non-governmental cultural organizations, Indigenous groups, and others interested in the use of ICTs for Indigenous knowledge management (IKM), development (ICT4D), social change, and other mindful solutions.

Open Source Native Language App Code

Read the full story!     http://www.ethnosproject.org/site/?p=1021 

Youth Empowerment Gathering – Encouraging Youth

2012 Youth Empowerment Gathering DOTC

Supporting the Dakota Ojibway Youth is close to our heart!

On March 28th. 2012, our company will have reached an important milestone – we will be presenting our ideas and sharing our knowledge to our own First Nations youth from our very own Dakota Ojibway Tribal Council area. “It means a lot to us to present to the DOTC youth and marks a important milestone for us.” – Darrick Baxter.

Ogoki Learning Systems Inc. is pleased to announce our participation in the Youth Empowerment Gathering 2012. This gathering is geared toward youth from across the Dakota Ojibway Tribal Council area including our home community of Sandy Bay First Nation! The conference will feature presentations from Darwin Ironstand, Gillian Roy, Erica Doty, Carol Moar, Jade Harper, among other respected presenters.

“Our First Nations youth have always played an important role in downloading, using and promoting our technology. We are now focusing on tools to help them build their own projects. Its only a matter of time before I am considered a dinosaur in this industry. It’s at that time that I will pass on the reigns to the next generation of app developers.” – Darrick Baxter, President/Founder, Ogoki Learning Systems Inc.

Teaching App Development in 1 hour

Our presentation is pretty jam packed. We will be presenting on a variety of things including:

  • “Why Apps?” – Exploring the mobile app development market (Powerpoint)
  • “How to make an app” – Inside developing apps
  • “App Creation Story video” – How and why we started making apps
  • “Wired Kids” – Source Code presentation
  • Questions/Answers

The Youth will be invited to create their own App on stage using our source code. If you would like to attend this conference, please contact Darwin Ironstand at naysps@dotc.mb.ca.

We can present in your community!

We are now accepting requests to present in your First Nation communities or events. If you would like to contact us please email us or use the contact form on your right.

Manitoba First Nation Economic Development Presentation

Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs Economic Development

Ogoki Learning Systems Inc. President and App Developer, Darrick Glen Baxter will be presenting during the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs Economic Development Conference on the 3rd week of March 2012.  The agenda has yet to be set and we will be posting the live stream video along with the full powerpoint presentation on our website.

We are proud to share our knowledge and sharing philosophy in order to build and strengthen the economic power of the First Nations people and communities. We continue to partner with local organizations to help develop and facilitate the advancement of First Nation economic, education, health and cultural development.

It is our goal to have our learning and educational tools in schools across the Province of Manitoba and to provide the tools for our youth to succeed in business and in life.

We invite you to attend this conference held at the Victoria Inn in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  Contact the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs for details.

Aboriginal Peoples Television Network Ojibway App Interview

APTN Ojibway iPhone App Download and Interview

The Aboriginal Peoples Television Network recently did a story on the Ojibway iPhone app and how people are using it to speak the Ojibway language and help preserve their ancestral heritage.


Why provide free app source code?

Ogoki Learning Systems Inc. talked about the total downloads and free distribution of source code. We believe that its more important to save our languages and culture by using technology to enhance our learning and knowledge. For our company mission, values and goals, “Saving our heretage is more important than making money.”

Lets use iPhone apps to save our culture and heritage.

Shawn Atleo, Duncan McCue Talk about the App

Shawn Atleo, National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations talks about Language Apps


“You have it within your grasp to make sure that our culture 
and our languages will live on strong into the future, 
that future generations will know that you did your part”
Shawn Atleo, February 2012

Vancouver, BC. – National Chief Shawn Atleo, of the Assembly of First Nations spoke about our Ojibway Language App after talking with president of Ogoki Learning Systems Inc. His message to our youth.

On February of 2012, Ogoki Learning Systems Inc. presented our Language App at the First Nations ICT Summit in Vancouver BC. It was well received and extremely successful. The conference was attended by over 150 First Nations delegates from across North America and abroad.

Native Language Source Code for our iPhone, iPad, Touch App

We are giving our App code away for free!

Would you like your own Aboriginal language app for the iPad, iPhone or Touch? Your language app can look like Ojibway – People and Language iPhone app

Build your own iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Language App with our code.

We are pleased to announce our new initiative to help strengthen all the First Nations and Indigenous languages around the world. Our goal is to provide each community with pre-written code enabling them to create their own language App. First Nations communities, students, teachers, and members can access our Ojibway Language App as a free download template to allow them to create their own language App for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

We are giving away our software code!

Download, share and distribute our Ojibway Language App version 1.1 software code. Create a universal App in 5 very simple steps.

  1. Download our new OjibwayMapApril2013.zip file  (old zip file: version1 Source Code Zip File)
  2. Install Apple Xcode (Free download for Mac Computers)
  3. Replace the Ojibway Audio files, pictures, and titles with your own files
  4. Rename the App to your language
  5. Upload the App to iTunes using your developer account.
  6. Call or email us if you have any questions.

If you have any comments, questions or concerns, please contact us directly at darrick@ogokilearning.com

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