Windows 8 Desktop App (Coming Soon)

Windows 8 Version of the Ojibway App

Coming Soon, the Ojibway People and Language app for the Windows 8 Desktop and Surface devices

Ojibway Language App always a free download.

Our App Development Lab is working hard to bring a Windows 8 desktop app to a computer near you.  The latest version of the most popular Native American Language App for Android and iPhone will also be available on the PC desktop and Surface tablets and will continue to be a free download.

Ojibway Language into Computer Labs

“Learning Ojibway is important. We are bringing our Ojibway Language App to the PC because every student needs access to learning the language. It is really that important. Every school has a computer lab. Kids will be using the app right away and they love our language apps”Darrick G. Baxter, Ojibway App Developer, November 5, 2014.

Did you know we can create an App for your computer lab and school? Drop us a line and request a quote for a project.  We will reply to all emails and inquiries.  Request a Quote Form

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Manitoba Cree App


Youth App Camp Builds Chukchansi App

By: Darrick Glen Baxter

Yes, this app was created by youth ages 12-16 years old.

Building Apps for iPhone and Android sounds like it would be extremely challenging and difficult, especially for high school students, but that’s exactly what Ogoki Learning Systems Inc had done with a group of Youth during a 5 day App Tech Camp.  Over the entire 5 days, the youth completed 4 iPhone Apps and 3 Android Apps. Of those apps, there was one game produced and 3 storybooks for iPads and Android tablets.

The 5 day App Tech workshop brought together teachers, students, elders and parents.  The entire group of youth created all the background audio and sound effects using Garage band (Apple), and graphics, animation and levels (Adobe Photoshop).  The group also went a step further and wrote some of the app source code using Cocos2D and Xcode.

Ogoki Learning helped with programming and layout guidance for the Tech Camp. The early mornings started at 9:00 am and ran until 5:00 pm on most days.  The youth created artwork – designed iPhone and Android storybook apps and released them.  It was an exciting experience.

Youth ranged from 12-16years old had fun making iPhone games.

Young people have far more imagination, insight and ideas into what their peers want to see in a game app.  It was those ideas that helped make these games. Kids love games.

Take a look at some of the screenshots from the game below.

Main Screen of Game

Main start screen of game

Level 1 of game

Level one of game, the youth created all the monsters, bear – moose and bees. Even the goat was part of their imagination.


App Icon

This is the app icon for Hil-le Hil-le on the iPhone



Mi’kmaq Language Apps tells wonderful stories

The very first Mi’kmaq language app is now available for schools, parents and students alike. This wonderfully illustrated storybook tells about a fox who tricks a bird into giving him a piece of bread. Originally published by the Centre of Excellence

Prepared for digital publication by Mi’kmaw Kina’matnewey and First Nation Help Desk. Wowkwis aq Ka’qaquj is a story written by Barbara Sylliboy and illustrated by Re’jey Gould. This book is dedicated to the late Athanasius Sylliboy, a great story teller who shared his stories to his children and grandchildren.

The audio is voiced by Jane Meader with graphics by JR Isadore and coding done by Blaire Gould.

The book is available in the Apple app store here.

A link to the original book is available via the Kinu website.

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Native American Language App for iPhone



Download the amazing L’nu’isuti Language App teaching the Mi’kmaaw Language

L'nui'suti By Mi'kmaw Kina'matnewey

Download the App today on iTunes

Chukchansi App making waves in California

A great language learning camp is making waves by creating the next generation of iPhone and Android apps. Here is a amazing interview from the Fresno Bee newspaper reporter Sharon Martin and videographer Eric Paul Zamora.


Eric Paul Zamora


Watch the full video on youtube


Chukchansi Apps

A one week technology and game development camp in Fresno, California helped youth build confidence in technology while learning new skills. The group of 10-15 youth had the opportunity to create amazing apps and have fun with technology. We created storybook apps including the Rock to be Jumped app.  The app is available for Android and iPhone smart phones and tablets.

The Rock to be Jumped app can is available now.

Native American Language App for iPhone


Download Native Language App


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