Youth Create Apps in Tech Camp

Amazing Storybook App for Native American Languages

The Chukchansi story of How the Coyote got his Eyes is now available on iTunes and Android devices.  The app was created by the Chukchansi youth as part of their Tech Camp.

During the 5 day technology camp and previous weeks art camp the – the Chukchansi Tribes youth began working on Apps that told old stories from the Tribe.

During the app camp, the youth worked on 4 stories for both iPhone and Android devices.  They also worked on an amazing iPhone game using COCOs 2D and Photoshop frame animation.  The game was developed (along with the graphics, weapons and sound effects) by the youth.  It is expected to be released in the month of August 2014.

Download the iPad version of the ebook


Download Native Language App



Native American Book Language App for Kids

Native American Language App


Native American Language Learning Technology App

Why the Coyote’s Eyes are the Best.

Native American Language App

iPhone Version of the Coyote Eyes Native American App

Native American Language App for iPhone

Audio is in Chukchansi

Native Langauge App with Chukchansi Audio

Read to me with Audio or without Audio, its the students choice

Native American Language App Storybook

Page 2 of the Audio App Story Book

iPad Native American Language App Screen

iPad Native Language App

Native American App

This page is where the Coyote tricks the fish into giving the Coyote his eyes.

Storybook iPad and Android Sale 1299.00

Storybook app sale

Bring your stories to life for the youth on their iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. These apps are created with recorded audio, still images and text in your language.  We are now offering a promotion to create your next storybook app for only 1,299 USD. That is a $2,000 discount off the original quoted price.  (This advertised price is for Tribes in Canada and the United States).  For other companies or organizations, contact us for a quote.

Fill out the request for quote to find out more info.

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Have a look at an example of the App for the Chukchansi Stinkbug app for Android and iPad devices.



Stinkbug Storybook App

July 23, 2014

Available on the iPhone and Android devices

Download it now for the iPhone and iPad

Download it for your Android tablets and phones

Follow the Chukchansi ancestral legend of the the Stinkbug as the main character “Stinkbug” is confronted by the Skunk and tricked into crawling into a fire. This is the story of how the Stinkbug became black. The story is told in the original Chukchansi language.

The Stinkbug wasn’t always black, it was one of the most colourful creatures known to man. Follow along as the Skunk tricks the Stinkbug.

This is a great story for the children to know and learn as they begin building their traditional Chukchansi language and understanding of basic words and phrases. Listen as the story is read to you or read the story on your own. Enjoy the colour artwork and backgrounds as you read this wonderful book.


Winnipeg Language App Workshop

Winnipeg, iPhone App Development Training May 21-23, 2014

Canada’s Best Native Language App Developers will be hosting an App Development workshop in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The much anticipated event will be held over 3 full days and introduce participants to Native Language Apps.

View the Registration Website


Native American Apps Provide Huge Returns for Tribes

Native American Apps Huge Returns

Native American Langauge Apps

Piikani App for Blackfeet Community College

Piikani App for Android

Nitsi Poh sin Language App

The Native American Language and Cultural App is now becoming an invaluable part of a larger set of Tribal technology tools. American Indian Tribes are relying on mobile technology in colleges and universities because they deliver an immediate multimedia experience in both an in-expensive and portable device. Traditional online study resources are supporting mobile platforms and making it easier for students and teachers alike to share and distribute content like news articles, quizzes, tests, diagrams and video tutorials.

The Blackfeet Community College of Montana, USA are using iPhone and Android mobile Apps to deliver their Blackfeet Language called “Nitsi Poh sin”.  The Blackfeet Nitsi Poh sin language department is an important department within the school.  The college has identified the importance of utilizing mobile technology to deliver their Native American Language.  The college currently has 2 apps available on the Android Google Play store and Apple iTunes for the iPhone.

Download Native Language App


Download the iPhone version of the App from iTunes and experience the Blackfeet Language.

Potawatomi Language App

Potawatomi Language App for iPhone

Another amazing Native American Language App is the Potwatomi iPhone App (released on March 27th, 2014).  The App uses the latest iOS technology and is designed for the new iPhone 5S with iPhone 4 support.  The Potawatomi Tribe of Forest County is located in Northern Wisconsin,


Chief Dull Knife College App

Northern Cheyenne App

The Northern Cheyenne App is the first of its kind for the Northern Cheyenne Language and features many words and phrases from their current developed curriculum and language book.  Their words and phrases collection is one of the largest in North America with over 1,800 individual sounds, words and phrases.  The App includes about 150 words ranging from Actions, Items Food, Numbers and more.  The app has huge potential.  It was launched in March of 2014 by Josette Woodenlegs with the Chief Dull Knife College.

ituens images



Forest County Potawatomi Language App

The Potawatomi Language App for iPhone teaches the Potawatomi language to youth and language learners.  The App’s contains over 300 words and phrases including a full list of greetings, animals, birds, clothing, items and many more useful categories.

Forest County Potawatomi iPhone app

Screenshots of the Potawatomi Language App

The App was created by the Forest County Potawatomi people with input from the community youth and elders along with guidance from the Forest County Potawatomi Cultural Centre.  The app features a link and address to the cultural centre.

iTunes Link
Potawatomi – Ogoki Learning Systems Inc.

27 Thousand Downloads


27000 Downloads of the Ojibway App



27,000 App Download Milestone

The Ojibway Language and People App has reached a critical milestone in the month of March 2014.  That milestone saw the Ojibway iPhone and Android App achieve the 27,000 downloads mark on iTunes and Android phones and tablets.

“Wow, this is pretty amazing considering that our App was created just to help young people learn how to speak their ancestral language. When we launched the App – it was immediately picked up by schools throughout the province of Ontario, Manitoba and within Ojibway Tribes in the United States” – Darrick Glen Baxter, iPhone App Developer (March 12, 2014).

This particular milestone is important because it represents about ten thousand new downloads per year with 20% of current users acquiring software updates in the first 14 days.  These updates tell us that our users are aware of the App and willing to update the App content.  We know that our App users are dedicated users and continue to keep the app on their phone.  The latest update was 12 months ago and featured a totally new Map system outlining Ojibway language groups in Canada and the United States.

Majority of Ojibway App updates from iPhone Users

Although the majority of downloads have been on the Apple iPhone and iPad devices, the App is seeing an increase in updates from Android tablets and smartphones. This may be because users are a custom to seeing our software on the Apple platform and may not be aware that we are also available on Android.

“We have seen Android device downloads growing in the past quarter. This is leading to a greater percentage of total downloads. Our Ojibway App is doing well with the US Tribes” – – Darrick Glen Baxter, iPhone App Developer (March 12, 2014).

Native American App Promotion and Media Outlets

A contributing factor to the sudden growth of the App user base maybe the media attention that we’ve been getting over the winter.  CBC Canada Now, Global News, CTV, Metro News, Indian Country Media Network, NPR News and other media outlets have done stories on the App. All the positive publicity has lead to discussions about Apps and their role in the preservation of Native American languages. Outlets across Canada have promoted stories on both radio networks, television and social media.

Social media has been a strong tool and is being utilized every day to promote each of our new Native American and First Nation apps.  Ogoki Learning currently has a Ogoki Learning Facebook Page that includes over 1,300 fans from all over the world.

Ojibway iPhone Android Native American Language App

Our Ogoki Learning Twitter account is buzzing with retweets for other events over the winter but Twitter is still promoting our Apps world wide to over 1,280 followers.

To download the App on iPhone, visit our Ogoki Learning iTunes link.  The app is completely free.

For Android, visit our Ogoki Learning Google Play store.