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This summer a small group of trainees from the Brokenhead Ojibway Nation began a four day workshop designed to teach them how to create and iPhone App. The group had no experience creating an app but were dedicated and eager to learn.  Their computer skills where already at a high level and judging by the training facility – they used a variety of multimedia tools.

The first day we learned about the app industry and how you make money creating apps and games. We talked about the video game industry and games in general.  The instructor talked about how much money the top apps in the app store make and shared with us his experience as a game developer.

The Brokenhead Bingo iPhone App is now online in the App Store.

We worked and created a game that had local landmarks – a local hero and local attractions. We didn’t know what to name the game – all we knew was that we wanted the game to be fun and exciting.   We wanted animation and great sound within the game as well. We already had a theme and that was to make our hero the subject of the game.  We wanted our hero to be named “Waver” since locally there was history within Brokenhead of a man nicknamed Waver.

Native American Language App for iPhone



Here are some screenshots of the game.

iOS Simulator Screen Shot Jul 20, 2015, 11.30.50 AM iOS Simulator Screen Shot Jul 20, 2015, 11.31.02 AM iOS Simulator Screen Shot Jul 20, 2015, 11.31.09 AM iOS Simulator Screen Shot Jul 20, 2015, 11.33.26 AM minibosswalkside1minibosswalk#2 redcar signmanitoba59 signscanterbury stoplight tree vanyellow wavers worker-at-shop-at-bingo MiniBoss-front  Waver1  bigchair  bluecar bomb bon-security-boss boot2

Summer App Training Development Camp

App Training RezBomb

About the Game Development Training Camp

Riverboat Mobile Inc. and Ogoki Learning Systems Inc. makers of REZ BOMB is hosting a 5 day game development workshop aimed to teach up to 12 of your trainees  (youth or otherwise) how to create an iPhone game that will be available in the app store. Your group will learn graphics design, animate characters, create audio and write the code to program your very own game. You will also learn how to promote your game using social media and manage your game.

Who should take this training?

This program is designed for youth interested in a career in technology. The camp will simulate a live game development studio! Each attendee will have a role and responsibility to deliver an aspect of the game or marketing function. Participants will learn about how the App industry works including how to make money making games from their own home or office. This 5 day app training is available to your community, staff, youth or otherwise. We will develop an app and release it to the iTunes Apple ® store.

What does the 5 Day Game Development Camp cost and include?

The camp includes 5 days of training from a real game developer. Use of all source code to create the app. App publishing on our App Store. Use of 3 Mac Book computers. All software licences. App testing devices and usage.  This 5 days app training is available for only $5,200. View the page by Downloading the Summer Training Package.

How do I get this training in my community?

We are now booking dates across the United States and Canada until December of 2015! You can contact us directly at 204-804-6454 (Darrick) or via email from our contact form below.

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See the package for further details

Downloading the Summer Training Package.

Article: How Technology Is Helping Modern Language Revitalization Efforts

A great story from Indian Country Today on How Technology Is Helping Modern Language Revitalization Efforts

Indian Country News Language Apps


President Receives Award – Aboriginal Languages

Aboriginal Circle of Educators

The president of Ogoki Learning Systems Inc. received an award in recognition of the companies innovation in language learning. The award was presented by the Aboriginal Circle of Educators who have been promoting Aboriginal perspectives in the classroom and community since 1987.

“It’s truly an honour to be recognized by your peers for your accomplishments in both preserving and revitalizing ancestral languages and for bringing innovation into our children’s classrooms. My goal when I first started making language apps was to teach one child – it turned out to be an educational tool to teach thousands of learners and help educators everywhere.” – Darrick Glen Baxter, 2015

The Ojibway People and Language App has over 50,000 downloads with its source code helping countless other tribes build their own Native American Language Apps.

The Aboriginal Circle of Educators Awards was held on February 12,2015 and honoured many other educators and language teachers from across Canada.