Guest Speaker at Honouring Our Language Educator Workshops

Our president, Darrick Baxter (@baxter204) has confirmed that he will be presenting a workshop at the Honouring our Language Educator Workshop in Winnipeg Manitoba.  He will be presenting on Effective Use of Technology in the Classroom.

Native American Language Apps

Language Apps in the Classroom Workshop

Workshop Description
Title: Making Language Apps
Watch an Indigenous App Developer show you how to make a Language App in minutes. Making a Language App is easy and exciting! During this workshop, you can  watch and talk about language apps for the classroom. Ogoki Learning specializes in Language Apps. During this workshop, our expert will explain the importance of making a great Language App for your classroom. Bring a USB because all our workshop attendees will receive our free source code. Yes, audio and video recording is allowed during our workshop.
By: Ogoki Learning Inc. Darrick Baxter

Endangered Native American Languages using Games to Teach

New Language Game Teaching Youth to Speak Nakota

The Nakota language is one endangered Native American language that is making a comeback in local Saskatchewan schools this year.  The Nakota Language App is teaching young people to speak and use Nakota words and phrases for everyday items.  “This game uses everyday objects and phrases to teach Nakota children how to identify objects in Nakota. it’s (Nakota Language App) a really fun way to learn the language” – Darrick Baxter.

The App was created by Ogoki Learning Inc., an indigenous company from Sandy Bay Ojibway First Nation with an office in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  Ogoki Learning has created or helped with over 120 iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows desktop apps over the past 3 years. Their creations have been regularly featured on the front page of Apple iTunes Canada for the past year with 9 Apps featured in 2017 alone.

Nakota is an Endangered Language

With only a hand full of Nakota language speakers left in Canada – it was difficult to create an app of this magnitude.  It was important that we created an app that used “everyday words” that children use every day.  The building blocks of any Native language is basic words and phrases that are commonly used in everyday vocabulary.  The leaner is able to build their vocabulary from a  core set and basic understanding to a more knowledgeable and insightful command of the Nakota Language.

The Nakota app is teaching a core set of words and phrases. Download the iPhone/iPad version of the Nakota Language App Today!

Syllabics App Keyboard iPhone and iPad

Oji-Cree Syllabics Keyboard App

Syllabics Keyboard App

The new KERC Syllabics Keyboard App is amazing!  It is helping First Nation and Native American students learn in the classroom and home. Students can type in Syllabics on their smartphone and read the translation text as they type.

New Syllabics Keyboard App

“Learning Syllabics used to be difficult and only used by academics, but with the KERC App, children are learning and having fun with Syllabics. I’d encourage every student and teacher to download it for iPhone and Android today!”  – Darrick G Baxter, Ogoki Learning Inc.

Kwayaciiwin Education Resource Centre is based out of Sioux Lookout, Ontario and services northern schools with teaching resources.

Oji-Cree Syllabics Keyboard

The keyboard is based on the Oji-Cree Syllabics chart.  It includes characters and letters from the Unicode text. The app is a great tool for visitors to use when they see Syllabics written in the community. Its ability to break down communication barriers is amazing.

Oji-Cree Syllabic Flash Cards

As an additional item, the Oji-Cree app also contains flashcards with proper pronunciation and characters. The flashcards contain all the Oji-Cree characters in the Syllabics chart.  It includes colour coded syllabics that are easily identifiable to young learners.

Download the Syllabics Keyboard today from iTunes

Syllabics App Keyboard Android

Syllabics App Keyboard iPhone and iPad

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