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Manitoba First Nations Mean Business at RES Las Vegas

By: Darrick Baxter Manitoba First Nations are driving industry growth in the technology, agriculture, medicine and economic development.  Major metropolitan areas like Winnipeg are out pacing the national average meaning that new construction is at an all-time high.  First Nations from Northern Manitoba account for a growing investment into emerging markets such as legalized Cannabis […]

Our CEO named “100 Most Fascinating Manitobans for 2017”

Our President & CEO, Darrick Baxter recently named as Virgin Radio’s Hot 103 Top 100 Most Fascinating Manitobans for 2017. Read Darricks thoughts on being recognized locally. Darrick, A Global Innovator Its important to be recognized locally for your efforts and global innovations.  Many people still don’t know how local technology companies are shaping the global […]

Intangible Cultural Heritage

What is intangible cultural heritage and why is it important? Intangible culture or “living culture” refers to the aspects of culture that can be recorded but cannot be touched or stored in physical form.  Some examples include: song, music, dance, drama, stories, skills, cuisine, crafts and festivals.  These cultural vehicles are called “Human Treasures” by the […]

Guest Speaker at Honouring Our Language Educator Workshops

Our president, Darrick Baxter (@baxter204) has confirmed that he will be presenting a workshop at the Honouring our Language Educator Workshop in Winnipeg Manitoba.  He will be presenting on Effective Use of Technology in the Classroom. Language Apps in the Classroom Workshop Workshop Description Title: Making Language Apps Watch an Indigenous App Developer show you how […]

Endangered Native American Languages using Games to Teach

New Language Game Teaching Youth to Speak Nakota The Nakota language is one endangered Native American language that is making a comeback in local Saskatchewan schools this year.  The Nakota Language App is teaching young people to speak and use Nakota words and phrases for everyday items.  “This game uses everyday objects and phrases to […]

Syllabics Keyboard App

The new KERC Syllabics Keyboard App is amazing!  It is helping First Nation and Native American students learn in the classroom and home. Students can type in Syllabics on their smartphone and read the translation text as they type. New Syllabics Keyboard App “Learning Syllabics used to be difficult and only used by academics, but […]