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Our President – Darrick Baxter delivering a 2015 TED Talk at the TEDxWinnipeg event in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Hello, I am Darrick Baxter, President of Ogoki Learning Systems Inc. I wanted to let you know that there are a variety of ways to reach our team of Native Language App developers.  The simplest way to say hello is via our website contact form but we don’t mind if you follow us, tag us, like us, endorse us or simply download our Apps. We’d love to hear from you, your stories, suggestions, ideas and even criticism. Send us a note or long email. Tell us about yourself – your language and your community. We read and reply to all emails and social media comments.

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We know it’s important for your Tribe to build and own your own tools, software and resources. That is exactly why we provide you with 100% of the source code for your project. We also provide you with a price list of all our app development services. Ask us for our price list! We have almost everything listed there including language, games, dictionaries and other exciting apps and training services.



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