Cree and Ojibway Language Bookmarks

Free Bookmarks in Cree and Ojibway Languages

Ogoki Learning now has new classroom bookmarks in both Cree and Ojibway Languages. These Cree and Ojibway Language bookmarks are free to everyone and anyone.  Each bookmark features full gloss printing on each side with a Cree and Ojibway phrase on both the front and back.  Learn Ojibway and Cree while you read your classroom materials. We are promoting the Cree App created in partnership with the Aboriginal Language Association of Manitoba.

Contact us to arrange pickup of your free Cree and Ojibway Language bookmarks today.

Cree Language Bookmarks

Free Ojibway Language App Bookmarks for the classroom.

Cree Language Bookmarks

We will be giving away 10,000 Ojibway and Cree Language bookmarks to students and teachers everywhere.

Ojibway Language Bookmarks

Ojibway and Cree Language bookmarks

Cree Language App Bookmarks

The new Cree Language App Bookmarks for every student and teacher.

Native Language App Bookmarks

This just arrived in the mail! our 10,000 Cree and Ojibway Language bookmarks. What a wonderful day today!

We would love your feedback.  Please post photos with your classroom holding the Ojibway or Cree Language bookmarks.  We will repost them to Facebook and Twitter.