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Indian Country Today Feature

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This is an amazing opportunity for Ogoki Learning Systems Inc. to promote our free source code project. We’ve been fortunate enough to give away an important piece of technology and allow other Indian Tribes and First Nations from Canada, United States and all over the world to use these tools to help save their historical languages.  We are creating our legacy by helping tribes save theirs.

The story (Indian Country Today) talks about our company and how we started making Native Language iPhone Apps. It’s true that the App was never intended to be released as a public tool because I really didn’t have a company or services.  I has just made the app to help my daughter learn the Ojibway language.  That was all I expected from the app (originally designed for use on the iPad). It wasn’t until I saw her using and learning from the App that I knew other parents would benefit from this amazing tool.

iPad language app for native schools

Founder and App Developer: Darrick Glen Baxter holding up the Ojibway iPad App

Language Apps in Classrooms

Only months after the Ojibway app was released, Ogoki Learning Systems Inc. was asked by the Ontario Board of Education’s Aboriginal program if they could list the “Ojibway People and Language App” as a resource in their teachers guide and other related material. We happily approved the request and began the further development of the language tools.

Months later, our group was invited to be on a conference call with a post secondary institution in Thunder Bay, Ontario – the Lakehead University. We talked about various projects and ideas and agreed that we would endeavour to work together in the upcoming months to develop and build on the works that we have been doing to teach and enhance language learning in schools.

Rave reviews and amazing acceptance 

Our Ojibway app has gotten over 17,000 downloads since its been on iTunes and we have helped other tribes to utilize the iPhone and iPad as a language learning tool.  We’ve helped the Blackfeet people with their language app and look forward to helping other tribes realize their full potential in language Apps.

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If you would like Ogoki Learning Systems Inc to help your nation work on preserving your language and engage your youth – we would be more than happy to help.  Please fill out our request for quote for an app.  We would be happy to provide you with a complete and comprehensive quote.