Intangible Cultural Heritage

What is intangible cultural heritage and why is it important? Intangible culture or “living culture” refers to the aspects of culture that can be recorded but cannot be touched or stored in physical form.  Some examples include: song, music, dance, drama, stories, skills, cuisine, crafts and festivals.  These cultural vehicles are called “Human Treasures” by the UN and we at Ogoki Learning believe they should be preserved and treasured. When we lose a language and culture, we lose the knowledge, worldview and wisdom of those people.  We also lose thousands of years of cultural DNA. In an age where the invisible aspects of our identity are becoming more and more endangered we feel it’s increasingly important to keep them alive. Preserving our identity, culture and language as indigenous people is central to our company’s mission and a main driving force behind our technology.  We strive to keep these treasures alive for future generations as a way of honouring the generations past.
“Language embodies the intellectual wealth of the people who use it”
-Kenneth Hale
If you have an Endangered language or culture that you would like to preserve, please contact us today!