Interview on International Languages

During a recent visit and presentation at the Indigenous Language Institute Annual Symposium 2015, our president, Darrick Baxter had the opportunity to present on Technology and Languages. He was later interviewed by a Korean television news crew for KBS of South Korea. The interview on international languages allowed Darrick to share why technology is so important to preserving and revitalizing languages for Native American Tribes.

technology use in preserving and revitalizing native languages

Darrick Baxter sharing his insight into preserving and revitalizing native american languages.

Darrick talked about how language is important to the tribe and their environment. He also shared his observations on the differences between interior native tribes and coastal tribes.

The journalists were doing a story on their local dyeing languages in their local Korean villages.  The organizers shared insight into the dyeing languages within Korea’s smaller villages.

“It is our Ojibway culture to share what we have learned. In turn, we help preserve other cultures”

– Darrick Glen Baxter 2015, Language App Developer