Language Innovation TED Talk

callustodayOgoki Learning Systems Inc has developed mobile technology that helps to revitalize Native American Languages. In a recent TEDx Event in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Darrick Baxter the President of Ogoki told our App story from his personal perspective. Although the talk only lasted about 8 minutes, he talked about how language apps are changing the educational landscape.
During Darrick Baxter’s TED Talk, he describes the adversity and negative advice he received from industry experts in business who didn’t see value in creating language apps let alone giving them away for free. He goes on to say that “Those same people called me insane” when he announced he was releasing the source code for free.

Darrick Baxters TED Talk on Languages
Watch the full TEDx Winnipeg talk on YouTube

Language apps have allowed children to strengthen and learn their ancestral language. Darricks TEDx Winnipeg experience allowed him to present his work to a global audience. The video is now available on the TEDx Youtube channel.

Darrick had shared the TED stage with entrepreneurs, scientists and musicians.

Darrick has since presented at various conferences sharing his inspirational story and insight into successful App development techniques and strategies. For more information, use our contact form or send us a message via our Ogoki Facebook Page.

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