Ogoki Learning Inc. 5-1700 Ness Ave
Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA

  • Programming:
    Variables, Types, Methods, Objects
  • Introduction to Developing Software:
    Android Studio, Sketch
  • Planning & Designing:
    What can we build, How can we build it
  • Development:
    Let’s build an app
  • App Submission & Setup:
    Uploading to the App Store, Zipping and archiving project files

Space is limited so register BELOW to join us for 3 days of training.

The office receives 10-20 calls a month requesting App development services, training or technical support. The industry growth has been phenomenal and is only looking to get larger as more communities and schools get on board with mobile technology.

To book a training event in your community  or school please contact
Darrick Baxter at 204-804-6454 or via our contact form.

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