Nadleh Stella Dakelh iPhone App Training

Nadleh Stella Dakelh


The Prince George, British Columbia Canada iPhone Language App Development training was overwhelmingly positive for the participants in the region.  3 Youth and 7 adults from interior First Nations of BC attended the three day training workshop on “Language App Development”. Upon completion, the two First Nations walked away with an App for the iPhone, source code, graphics, maps and hundreds of audio recordings from 2 amazing elders.

Life Changing Experience

The opportunity to get this type of training doesn’t come along very often. It lead to a life changing experience for the young people of the Nadleh and Stella Dakelh First Nations.

The idea of creating an iPhone App seemed impossible at first, but when the students started to learn the program – it didn’t seem so difficult.  The students had already began creating App icons and launch screens on the first day and even revised their icons as the app was being designed.

“Making an iPhone App is pretty simple once you know what your doing”

Once the youth picked up the Xcode and photoshop programs – it was clear sailing.  After the first day of development, they already had an app on the iPhone and started to demo the app with the elders.  The demo period provided much needed feedback from the Elders and language speakers.  “Feedback is an important part of the development process. It helps you understand how the user will interact with your app.  Once you understand that process, you can create a much better App”, says Darrick Baxter the Instructor for the Prince George, BC Language App Development training session.

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