Native American Apps Provide Huge Returns for Tribes

Native American Apps Huge Returns

Native American Langauge Apps

Piikani App for Blackfeet Community College

Piikani App for Android

Nitsi Poh sin Language App

The Native American Language and Cultural App is now becoming an invaluable part of a larger set of Tribal technology tools. American Indian Tribes are relying on mobile technology in colleges and universities because they deliver an immediate multimedia experience in both an in-expensive and portable device. Traditional online study resources are supporting mobile platforms and making it easier for students and teachers alike to share and distribute content like news articles, quizzes, tests, diagrams and video tutorials.

The Blackfeet Community College of Montana, USA are using iPhone and Android mobile Apps to deliver their Blackfeet Language called “Nitsi Poh sin”.  The Blackfeet Nitsi Poh sin language department is an important department within the school.  The college has identified the importance of utilizing mobile technology to deliver their Native American Language.  The college currently has 2 apps available on the Android Google Play store and Apple iTunes for the iPhone.

Download Native Language App


Download the iPhone version of the App from iTunes and experience the Blackfeet Language.

Potawatomi Language App

Potawatomi Language App for iPhone

Another amazing Native American Language App is the Potwatomi iPhone App (released on March 27th, 2014).  The App uses the latest iOS technology and is designed for the new iPhone 5S with iPhone 4 support.  The Potawatomi Tribe of Forest County is located in Northern Wisconsin,


Chief Dull Knife College App

Northern Cheyenne App

The Northern Cheyenne App is the first of its kind for the Northern Cheyenne Language and features many words and phrases from their current developed curriculum and language book.  Their words and phrases collection is one of the largest in North America with over 1,800 individual sounds, words and phrases.  The App includes about 150 words ranging from Actions, Items Food, Numbers and more.  The app has huge potential.  It was launched in March of 2014 by Josette Woodenlegs with the Chief Dull Knife College.

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