Nez Perce Language App story

Nez Perce Native Language app

Indian Country story on the Nez Perce Native Language App

The Nez Perce Language App Story is about the Nez Perce tribal lands span from the Western Idaho mountains to the foothills of Washington state to the west. They are a tribe with a rich history from Chief Joseph to Owhi  and Kamiakin. 

Read the Indian Country Article on the Nez Perce Language App.

Indian Country Nez Perce Story


The Nez Perce are now using technology to pass on their language and tell of their historic treaties and past to the young people. The Tribe of Idaho have a few Native Language Apps to teach their language in schools.

“The language program has a vast collection of words, phrases and dictionary that spans over thousands of years. We were honoured to help them create a language app and work with this tribe. I spent a week with the tribe creating a language app with over 1,000 words and phrases – it was the biggest project that I’ve ever undertaken. It was worth the time and effort. Everyone was happy with the result.”

– Darrick G Baxter, Ogoki Learning Systems Inc.

Nez Perce Storybook App for Android

This is a Nez Perce Language App for Android

Native Language App Screenshot

Nez Perce Language App Android Screenshot

Main Android App Screen Nez Perce Language App

Main Screen of the Nez Perce Language app

Children's Language App Storybook for Android

Nez Perce Children’s Language App Storybook for Android – Members of the school colored pictures and made the story pages graphically.

Nez Perce History App for Android

Nez Perce Language App – About the people and history displayed here in the app.


“It’s really amazing that the tribe is using apps in the classroom for their native language immersion classes”

– Darrick G Baxter, Ogoki Learning Systems Inc.

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