President Receives Award – Aboriginal Languages

Aboriginal Circle of Educators

The president of Ogoki Learning Systems Inc. received an award in recognition of the companies innovation in language learning. The award was presented by the Aboriginal Circle of Educators who have been promoting Aboriginal perspectives in the classroom and community since 1987.

“It’s truly an honour to be recognized by your peers for your accomplishments in both preserving and revitalizing ancestral languages and for bringing innovation into our children’s classrooms. My goal when I first started making language apps was to teach one child – it turned out to be an educational tool to teach thousands of learners and help educators everywhere.” – Darrick Glen Baxter, 2015

The Ojibway People and Language App has over 50,000 downloads with its source code helping countless other tribes build their own Native American Language Apps.

The Aboriginal Circle of Educators Awards was held on February 12,2015 and honoured many other educators and language teachers from across Canada.