Windows 8 Desktop App (Coming Soon)

Windows 8 Version of the Ojibway App

Coming Soon, the Ojibway People and Language app for the Windows 8 Desktop and Surface devices

Ojibway Language App always a free download.

Our App Development Lab is working hard to bring a Windows 8 desktop app to a computer near you.  The latest version of the most popular Native American Language App for Android and iPhone will also be available on the PC desktop and Surface tablets and will continue to be a free download.

Ojibway Language into Computer Labs

“Learning Ojibway is important. We are bringing our Ojibway Language App to the PC because every student needs access to learning the language. It is really that important. Every school has a computer lab. Kids will be using the app right away and they love our language apps”Darrick G. Baxter, Ojibway App Developer, November 5, 2014.

Did you know we can create an App for your computer lab and school? Drop us a line and request a quote for a project.  We will reply to all emails and inquiries.  Request a Quote Form

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