Youth Empowerment Gathering – Encouraging Youth

2012 Youth Empowerment Gathering DOTC

Supporting the Dakota Ojibway Youth is close to our heart!

On March 28th. 2012, our company will have reached an important milestone – we will be presenting our ideas and sharing our knowledge to our own First Nations youth from our very own Dakota Ojibway Tribal Council area. “It means a lot to us to present to the DOTC youth and marks a important milestone for us.” – Darrick Baxter.

Ogoki Learning Systems Inc. is pleased to announce our participation in the Youth Empowerment Gathering 2012. This gathering is geared toward youth from across the Dakota Ojibway Tribal Council area including our home community of Sandy Bay First Nation! The conference will feature presentations from Darwin Ironstand, Gillian Roy, Erica Doty, Carol Moar, Jade Harper, among other respected presenters.

“Our First Nations youth have always played an important role in downloading, using and promoting our technology. We are now focusing on tools to help them build their own projects. Its only a matter of time before I am considered a dinosaur in this industry. It’s at that time that I will pass on the reigns to the next generation of app developers.” – Darrick Baxter, President/Founder, Ogoki Learning Systems Inc.

Teaching App Development in 1 hour

Our presentation is pretty jam packed. We will be presenting on a variety of things including:

  • “Why Apps?” – Exploring the mobile app development market (Powerpoint)
  • “How to make an app” – Inside developing apps
  • “App Creation Story video” – How and why we started making apps
  • “Wired Kids” – Source Code presentation
  • Questions/Answers

The Youth will be invited to create their own App on stage using our source code. If you would like to attend this conference, please contact Darwin Ironstand at

We can present in your community!

We are now accepting requests to present in your First Nation communities or events. If you would like to contact us please email us or use the contact form on your right.