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Children love to learn with our Language Apps and games. We create interactive games that make language learning fun and exciting. Students and teachers alike can use our apps to teach your language.

Our Apps are available on all devices and computers from the iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows and Mac computers. Teachers know the value of tablets and computers. Our Apps are available everywhere.

Students love to be challenged! Our Apps keep score. Keep records of the students improvements with exciting graphics and animation. Bring your Language to life.  Make learning fun and engaging.

Language & Learning

Language App Experts

Spoken Words

Our Apps feature your spoken word and dialect.

Listen to Elders Speaking

We record your elders spoken word as they teach the language.  Your language leaners will love the app.

Custom Design

Unique design that reflects your Tribal heritage and culture. Your community members will identify with the design

Local Tribal Design

We will include your logo and design culture into your app. We will incorporate your ideas and graphics into your Tribal App and design.

Real Categories

Learning greetings, animals, phrases and more with unique categories for students and teachers.

Every Category

Our apps feature custom categories with words and phrases. Greetings, Animals, Numbers and more!

Favorite Words

Do you use a specific word or greeting often? Why not add the word to your favorites.

Favorite Any Word in the App

Your favorite word and phrase is only a click away when you add favorites to your language app.

Video Integration

Integrate videos into your app with a custom video section for your teachers and students.

Audio and Video

We can create you an app that displays video content from Youtube or loads locally within your app.  Ask us how we can help you today!

Multi-Platform App

We design Apps for every platform including iPhone, Android and Windows Store.

Apple, Android, Web

Let us guide you through your next App.  Specialists in iPhone, Android and Windows Store Apps.

Standard Price Guide

12 Years of Language Apps

12 Years of Language Apps for Native American Tribes and First Nations.  We’ve worked with local elders and leaders to provide the best possible Language Apps for your students.  Let us work on your next App today!

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Your Local History

Teaching Tribal history from maps to historical content.  We can create your next language and cultural learning tool for your Tribe.

  • Maps and Regions
  • History and Timelines

  • Gallery and Photos

  • Quotes from Elders

  • Traditional Stories

  • Ancient Texts

  • Historic Dates

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Screenshots and Gallery

Everyone loves looking at beautiful eye candy.

Who Are We

Language App Specialists

Download our language apps today. We have over 100 Language Apps in the App Store.

Apps for Devices

Apple iPhone 95%
Android and Chrome Books 89%
Windows Desktop 97%
Smartboard Apps 90%

Team Members

Darrick Baxter

President and CEO

Marvin Perreault

Sales Manager

Robin Ipriq

App Developer

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