Immersive Language Apps

Ogoki Learning has been creating apps Language Apps for over 10 years. With a variety of Language Apps from basic apps to fully immersive apps using VR (Virtual Reality) and mobile technology.  Contact us today to find out what we can do for your Tribe. Ask us about our language apps and interactive games for Tribes and First Nations. Call or email us today for free consulting.


Slide Language App Packages Below are 6 popular Language App Packages for iPhone, Android, Windows, Web and Virtual Reality. SINGLE DEVICE LANGUAGE APP This app is our standard language app for one of the Apple, Android, Windows or Web platform. The app can also be expanded to include maps, flash cards and slideshow stories. Apple or Android 16 Categories Credits * Tribal * Graphic Design Request
MULTIPLE DEVICE LANGUAGE APP This multiple Device App works on iPhone, iPad, Android Phone & Tablet and includes sentences, phrases, words and flash cards. A great app for your entire community. Works great in schools. Apple & Android 20+ Categories * Tribal Maps * Graphic Design Request
UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE APP Premium App includes iPhone, iPad, Android Phone & Tablet, Windows & Web App (HTML5). This also includes a Matching Game, Word Game, Search Game and Flash Cards. Apple & Android Windows & Web 1200+ Words 30+ Categories Audio Editing
Flash Cards Matching Game Word Game Search Game Request
Full Immersion
Language App
Our Ultimate Full Immersion app is created for a single device for deployment in your schools and features levels for early learners to Grade 12. The only App you will ever need. Apple or Android 13 Levels New Categories 13 Tests 26 Quiz Games Flash Cards Practice Levels Search Dictionary Learning Score * Graphic Design Request
Web Based
Desktop App
Our web based language app works on desktop, laptop and Smartboard computers. Your students can use the app to study words and phrases and hear the spoken elders words. Desktop & Laptop Smartboard 2.0 Web Version No English Option Display Pictures Windows Install Audio Editing Credits Tab * Tribal Maps * Graphic Design Request
Virtual Village
Language App
Based on our Oculus Native American Museum App. This app will take the student into your historical sites and traditional territory. Learn Hunting and Fishing in 360 Virtual Reality. Oculus or HTC 4 Scenes 20 Interactions 3D Models Player Movement Narration Request VIRTUAL VILLAGE LANGUAGE APP

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