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Do you want to teach your young learners their native language?  We can help you do that.  We are Ogoki Learning and we create language apps and interactive games for Tribes and First Nations. Call or email us today for a free consultation.

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We share all our stories on social media including language news and events from around Indian country. Learn about other Tribal language initiatives and how to access resources by following our latest news today!


“Elders love to teach and children love to learn.  Why not give them both tools to use your ancestral languages every day?  We can help you do that.  We love language apps!”

Important App Release Dates

Below are important dates for language app development. We include our training dates, cities, important language app presentations and more.

President & CEO, Darrick Baxter

Mr. Baxter will be in Hilton Santa Fe Buffalo Thunder, Santa Fe, New Mexico over the next 3 days and scheduling meetings with existing clients, new staff, school administrators and more. To contact our office, please call 204-615-6454 and ask to book today!

Language and Culture take top spot during national elders conference.

We are living in a critical time in Canada. We are losing our elders an an astounding rate.  This week, Winnipeg, Manitoba hosted a national conference to gather elders from Canada at the Winnipeg Convention Centre in the heart of Winnipeg, Manitoba.