Our Story

Ogoki Learning, was started by our President & CEO, Darrick Baxter because of the need to preserve and revitalize the Ojibway language in Canada. The first Ojibway app was created 10 years ago with the help of several language speakers from around Manitoba and Northern Ontario.

Our initial goal was to provide a language app that could be used by teachers in the classroom to help teach the Ojibway language.  The Ojibway app was a huge success with media attention from across the world including South Korea, Taiwan, Sweden and North America. Our President & CEO, Darrick Baxter began helping other Tribes from across the world with their language revitalization efforts.

Our global efforts where recognized in 2015 when Darrick was asked to deliver a TEDx Talk in his home town of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Ogoki Learning Inc. later expanded to South East Asia to the country of Taiwan where we opened an office in July of 2019.  This expansion resulted in the ability to complete projects on a global scale with less development time and greater quality thus improving our existing client apps.

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“We have helped create over 170 Language Apps and interactive learning tools for schools and Tribes from across Canada and the United States. Our apps have been featured on the front page of Apple iTunes 9 times.”

President & CEO, Darrick Baxter - Ogoki Learning Inc.

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