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Native American Ojibway iPhone Android App

Learn Ojibway today your Android or iPhone! Created by Ogoki Learning Systems Inc. App developers based on the Sandy Bay Ojibway First Nation.  iTunes download or Android via Google Play.

Main App Features

Clear Audio at the touch of a button
Learn the Ojibway language the easy way by listening to the spoken word.  The app features more than 200 Ojibway common words and phrases to help you start speaking Ojibway with proper pronunciation. Also, learn about the Ojibway people, Treaties and more! Listen to important phrases like “greetings”, “numbers”, “weather”, “family relations” and more. Learn to write basic Syllabics as well.

Watch a demo of the App


Watch the Android Launch Commercial


Ojibway the iPhone and Android App Goal

Our goal is to have our App in every Ojibway language classroom and school by the year 2013.

That is the reason why we made the App available for free. Its currently only available on the iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone and Android devices.


Designed to work in Remote Communities

Our app is uniquely designed to work in remote communities because it does not require an internet connection. Did you know that First Nation communities within the province of Manitoba and North Western Ontario have very limited access to the Internet with connection speeds that rival 3rd world countries? It’s true, according to published reports from Manitoba and the First Mile project, the connection speeds are limited to non existent. That’s why we created the app to work without an Internet connection.

It’s so easy to use, a child can speak Ojibway by using it. (watch our video on YouTube to see a 2 year old speaking Ojibway using our App)


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Darrick Baxter @ 204-804-6454 or email darrickbaxter@gmail.com

Are you interested in developing a language app for your community? Contact us for details on our language app development and youth training program? Drop us a line to see how our experiences can help.

Native Language App Download - Ojibway Learning


Are you looking for the Language App Source Code?  Download it here. *

* Note that after our review of Apples new guidelines, our source code will require an updated build using a minimum Xcode 5.0 or later.  This new code will only be available with the release of the Ojibway App version 2.0.  As always we will offer the new code free for use both commercial and personal. For more information, please contact us at the phone number or email contact form. The current apps submitted using this 1.3 version of the code will still remain in the App Store but any updates will require new builds compliant with iOS8.