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University College of the North (UCN) – The small Northern Manitoba community of Thompson was host to the From “Traplines to Blackberries Conference” and Ogoki Learning Systems Inc. was there to present its prototype iPad app. We provided all the background information on how this app was created, why it was created, we showed the successes of the prototype app as it was being tested. We also showed our video that was taken during testing where a 2 year old picked up the app and began saying Ojibway words. The audience was very excited and wanted to learn more about the app and the company that created it.

Big !idea 2 Business CompetitionHamilton, Ontario was the first time Ogoki Learning Systems Inc. took the main stage on a national level. We presented our storytelling app (yet to be named) to a group of investment capitalists.  Check out APTN to see how we did and if we won the grand prize!